1867 Chickering Concert Grand, Sold


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This Chickering is the same year and model that was awarded the gold medal (best piano in the world) at the Paris Exposition of 1867.  At 8'4" in length, this concert grand was the greatest piano of its day, and was produced to serve the great concert pianists of the world.  This piano is very rare since it was Chickering's limited edition concert grand, prepared for the 1867 world piano show in Europe. Nearly all chickerings and steinways of the 1860s and 1870s had only 85 keys and the old-style square grand type action. In addition, few were made with the fully scalloped case. This piano was truly the finest, sporting a full 88 keys and a modern style repetition action. In addition, Chickering craftsmen carved the most beautiful, symmetrical case we have ever seen on any concert grand piano. It corresponds with the victorian era yet not in an overbearing style.

Chickering was an innovator in piano technology with numerous patents including the cast iron steel frame for grand pianos which allowed then to use heavier piano wire and thus produce more power.   Chickering pianos historically had a unique tone, a full bass and a loyal following for many years.  Some of the great pianists preferred them to Steinways, including Franz Liszt, who owned two Chickering grands. His 1867 Chickering grand is currently on display at the Liszt Museum in Budapest.  

In addition to being among the finest musical instuments ever made, Chickerings are often highly valued as collector's items due to their historical nature. Chickering is the oldest piano company in America, dating back to 1823. For much of the 19th and early 20th centuries Chickering and Steinway were rivals and often dominated the world market. Chickering pianos were always held in the highest regard in the U.S. and around the world. President Lincoln had two Chickerings in the White House which he was quite fond of and other U.S. Presidents have preferred Chickerings as well. 

This beautiful victorian piano has a rosewood case and ivory keytops in excellent condition. It was refinished inside and out including the harp and soundboard. It was restrung with high-grade music wire including new bass strings. The action was totally rebuilt including new hammers, shanks, dampers, repetitions and felts. You will notice it also has the original music rack (these are often missing or replaced by later style racks).