1815 Clementi & Co. Forte Piano, London


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Clementis are considered among the most prestigious and finest constructed forte pianos, ranking with Broadwood and Erard.  This very rare forte piano by Clementi was located in excellent condition.  The limited number of surviving Clementi forte pianos are usdually in museums and in a state of disrepair. The Boston Museum of Fine Arts has a similar Clementi Square in their collection, though it is missing the pedal and mechanism, and most of the dampers and strings.

This piano has all the original legs intact, including the pedal leg, brass hardware, and even the original string cover with a floral design (most string covers were plain).  It also retains the original ivory keytops in nice condition.  A careful and complete restoration will provide a collector with a wonderful early 19th century working antique piano.

Muzio Clementi (1752-1832) was a distinguished Italian-born composer and concert pianist who resided in London since 1774. In 1780, Clementi participated in a famous piano contest with Mozart, staged by the emperor, Joseph II of Vienna. He partnered the piano makers Longman & Broderip around the early 1790's, and eventually became the controlling partner. Clementi greatly expanded the firm, marketing their instruments across Europe, until his retirement in 1830.  His musical compositions are occasionally performed, and have been recorded by pianist Vladimir Horowitz.




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