French Art-Case Piano by Gaveau


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A rare and beautiful harpsichord-style, art-case piano painted inside and out with floral designs and supported by a base with six turned legs and heavy shaped stretchers.  The piano has an iron frame and a full 88 keyboard with perfect ivory keytops.  All the original paintings are perfectly intact, and the piano mechanism is restored.

Gaveau was a French firm of piano and harpsichord makers. Joseph Gaveau (b. Paris, 1824; d. Paris 1903) founded the firm in 1847, working with his employees in a small shop in the rue des Vinaigriers in Paris; the workshop and the offices were later transferred to the rue Servan. The firm established an excellent reputation for its smaller pianos. Gaveau was a competitor of Erard and Pleyel, and built exceptional instruments, with highly decorative cases.  This rare piano is an outstanding example of how Gaveau blended elements of early eighteenth century harpsichord style in their piano making.  

               Sound files:  Chopin Waltz         Bach French Suite                Youtube Video

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