1848 Nunns & Clark Empire Style Forte Piano

Beautiful rosewood case and a very rare leg design


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This piano is a fine example of an  American Empire Style square grand from the Nunns & Clark piano company. The company was established in 1823 in New York City, the year Chickering (America's first piano company) was established.  According to piano historian Edwin Good (2001), "Nunns and Clark had the reputation for being among the best builders in New York, both for musical quality and for cabinetry."

Nunns & Clark were among the first piano builders to incorporate cast iron frames to manage the string tension.  This piano was beautifully constructed and still has respectable integrity as a musical instrument. It was recently added to our inventory in pristine, original condition. We have never seen a piano of this period in such perfect condition.  All the original parts are intact including the strings, action parts, and metal name plate over the keys. This piano is receiving a very careful and complete restoration.