Antique Piano Repair and Refinishing



Shaffer Pianos offers complete piano refinishing for all types of antique pianos including upright pianos, baby grand pianos and player pianos.  We will carefully remove the finish from any type of wood. We are experienced with the finest pianos from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries including mahogany pianos, rosewood pianos, walnut and oak pianos.  We also have the ability to properly restore black (ebony) pianos and any other color piano the customer desires.  In addition to complete refinishing, we are often able to preserve and recondition the original finish upon the customer's request.  

Shaffer pianos also refinishes and restores other pieces of fine antique furniture from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, including fine antique tables, chairs, armoires and more.  We have experience with all types of finishes from old world hand applied French polishes that will allow the furniture to look as though it has been maintained in excellent condition for decades, to modern day polyurethane finishes for maximum durability.  We can also control the amount of sheen (shine) the antique will have to provide the customer with a flat or satin sheen to a mirror-like high gloss look.

The majority of antique pianos and antique furniture we have been asked to restore have suffered some type of damage.  Water, heat, and human neglect or abuse all have an impact on furniture.  In many cases, we have had to repair veneer on pianos, repair cracks in lids, make new mouldings and reattach broken parts. 

During a piano refinishing job, we can also recondition all facets of the instrument.  We can repolish or replate the brass parts, apply new fallboard decals, recondition and refinish the soundboard and cast iron frame (harp) and restore the keyboard.  In many cases, we can restore ivory keytops through a combination of repairs and replacements or we can install new ivorine keytops.  All phases of the piano restoration are discussed with the customer. 

The Repair and Restoration of a  Nineteenth Century Victorian Concert Grand Piano

Before and After Photos

This wonderful, rare piano was headed to the scrap yard after two piano rebuilders said it was too far gone to restore.  We decided otherwise and spent many months carefully repairing years of damage and believe the time invested was well worth it.  Pianos such as this one were built for the 18th century concert stage using only the finest materials and the best craftsmen.  One day, instruments such as this will be found only in museums. 



Severe damage to the fallboard -- someone attempted to repair the crack

Like it never happened

This Victorian piano had been refinished by a local refinisher with "30 years of experience." The customer was very unhappy with the finish and asked us to redo the job. The photos below show the same piano leg--on the right after the local refinisher finished the piano and on the left after Shaffer Pianos redid the job.